Why I Don’t Blog Much

I hear this a lot. “You haven’t posted anything in *months*!”


Everything comes in threes, so I’ll give you three reasons why “I don’t blog much”.

Reason Number One: I’m busy

I’m actually a spy, and I have to spend a lot of time doing cool spy stuff, plus a day job that I have to keep as my cover. So as you can see, that would take up a lot of time.

Reason Number Two: Video Games.

According to Game Revolution I am the sixth most popular video game player in the world. Scroll down. It’s there. Here’s a list of the video games I own. And by own, I mean pwn. I actually joined the online athletes as a professional video gamer back in the dark ages of the mid-nineties. The mere fact that I have Lord of the Rings Online screenshots in my Flickr account should tell you something.

Reason Number Three: I *do* post a lot

It’s just spread out. See, I have approximately a million Web sites. I work hard to keep my several personal lives, my day job, and my spy life separate, but, here you go, here are the sites I own and operate or habitually post to:

- my personal site, mostly just for giggles
- the religion I started
- my huge conspiracy site, currently broken
- my health care / tech blog
- my health care transparency blog
- my youth rugby team
- my health care report card
- my other health care report card
- video game bulletin board
- my other, other health care report card
- my day job
- my health care quality improvement community site

I’ve probably forgotten a couple…

Reason Number Four:

There is no number four, see number five.

Reason Number Five: I fully intend

to one day combine all my personal sites into one behemoth that posts EVERYTHING, including my phone bill, my receipts, my toilet paper usage, my laundry basket web cam, my lizards, my robots, my eating habits, even my time spent alone with myself, but that day is not today. I search on for the perfect content management system.

Reason Number Six: Maybe

if you frickin’ posted something in the comments, I’d have something to respond to.

Reason Number Seven: You’re probably wondering

why there’s more than three reasons at this point. I like to think that three is a relative term, and that seven is actually three plus two plus two, which is – coincidentally enough – three numbers. That’s some crazy coincidence…

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